Pagerland is offers a great, smooth looking and fast landing page templates built on Gatsby and React.

Original designs crafted in Figma suits perfectly for marketing, startups and all creative needs. Pagerland main theme can be easily customized by users.


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Build Next App with Gatsby and React

Build Next App with Gatsby and React

You can choose version based on Gatsby.js or React.js to make sure that website loads much faster, works perfectly on mobile devices and supports all new technologies. Also Gatsby.js supports PWA (Progressive Web Applications) so you can be sure that pages based on our templates asks devices to load only the necessary data to keep browsing as smooth as it’s possible.

Styled components and styled system

Styled components and styled system

Pagerland uses components based on Styled Components and Styled System which allow easy editing them. All the templates are built with predefined settings that offer basic customization of colors, fonts etc. Each component has its own documentation available at Storybook.

Server-side rendering

Server-side rendering

Pagerland based on React is fully supported by Next.js and adapted to work with SSR (Server Side Rendering) which significantly improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which means you’re website will be more visible in Google search results.

Gatsby based version is focused on achieving the best results in Lighthouse audits which finds specific errors and shows suggestions what to improve to make your website fast and accessible for everyone. Of course Gatsby version also improves SEO results.

Always fresh React and dependencies

Always fresh React and dependencies

We’re making sure that all React dependencies are up-to-date and you can always look out for free updates. It’s our priority to keep up with the newest technologies and provide technical debt free themes.

Prepared to easy deploy with

Prepared to easy deploy with

Our templates are build on non-modified Next.JS or Gatsby, ready to work with platform which is offering basic and more advanced website / landing page maintenance plans.

Of course our templates are 100% compatible with other platforms like Firebase, Heroku, AWS, GCloud and more.

Other great features


Thanks to dedicated CLI (Command Line Interface), building template with specific architecture is even simpler, all you have to do is choose from available options.

React hooks

We’re using only newest solutions to keep our themes up-to-date with recent trends. One of them is using React Hooks which are easy to implement, intuitive and backwards compatible.

SEO friendly

Using Gatsby or Next.js with SSR support significantly affects improvement in SEO and making website more visible in Google searching results.

Envato Elite Support

We’re group of professionals offering high-end products with friendly approach to customer service. We’re trying our best to provide fast and reliable support any time you need it. You can count on us!

Monorepo support

Because of using Yarn Workspaces it’s much easier to optimize project and avoid dependencies conflicts by splitting files in smaller packages.

Well documented

All UI components used by Pagerland themes has full documentation and examples available on Storybook.

Customer reviews

This is definitely worth more than the selling price. EXTREMLY good designs and code. 11/10 will buy from you again, :)


Themeforest customer

For a developer or team looking for a nice and flexible landing page solution, this is the SOLUTION. The CLI tool and how the project is built is fantastic.

Really nice work.


Themeforest customer

This is definitely worth more than the selling price. EXTREMLY good designs and code. 11/10 will buy from you again, :)


Themeforest customer

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Landpager Gatsby and React Landing page template is sold exclusively on Envato Marketplace ThemeForest.

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Reliable and reassuring, it’s a comfort to know we’re always here to help you.

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